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NBAF Reaches For The Stars In 2020, With Fresh Faces And Initiative To Relieve The Impact Of COVID-19

ATLANTA, GA, May/June 2020
Two new faces at National Black Arts ( have been hard at work continuing the nonprofit organization’s upward trajectory: Managing Director Stephanie Owens and Artistic Director Tiffany LaTrice. The pair remain committed to NBAF’s legacy to provide quality programming and arts education–albeit with some creative new visions in the works for the near future.

While 2020 has proven to be quite the challenge, it’s not the first time NBAF has had to face adversity. “As an organization that has supported black artists nationwide for more than 30 years. NBAF knows how to navigate unprecedented change,” says Owens, adding, “We’re dedicated to being innovative and committed to sharing artistic excellence.” Right now, that innovation takes form in NBAF’s new artist project initiative, NBAForward, which will offer funds starting at $5,000 to support black artists in getting back to work.
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