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NextGen Artist is a NBAF youth arts education program that aims to nurture the dreams, creativity and artistic talents of high school emerging artists of African descent.

The NBAF NextGen Artist Program provides resources and exposure into the industries of film/media, visual arts, and fashion design for students engaged in the program. The program goals include increased presentation skills (written and verbal), improved academic success, an increased appreciation for the arts, and access to pathways to higher education and careers in the arts.

The program provides a structured artistic experience with workshops, classes, lectures, mentoring, business and professional development, and opportunities for competitive scholarships. This transformational experience is designed to support the educational goals of our partner schools and the workforce development based curriculum is curated to recognize and nurture the students' unique talents in diverse creative arts disciplines.

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Video projections of Black Theater icons in conversation


2024 Next/Gen Artist Residencies

Fundamentals of Fashion Residency (in partnership with ATLSFW): The Fashion Fundamentals Residency is a comprehensive 6-week program designed to instruct students in the foundational skills of sewing. Throughout the course, students will gain proficiency in both hand-sewing techniques and the operation of sewing machines, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of the basics. In the fall, students will have the opportunity to put their newly acquired skills to the test in our Sustainable Fashion Residency, where they will actively engage in constructing garment pieces.
Filmmaking Residency (in partnership with Damn Write Originals): In our Filmmaking Residency, students embark on a journey to create a compelling short film. Building upon scripts developed during our previous Screenwriting Residency in the fall, participants discover the intricate process of transforming a script into a cinematic masterpiece. Expert instructors provide comprehensive guidance, leading students through every stage of production, from pre-production to post-production. This immersive experience familiarizes students with various roles on set and equip them with essential career skills for success in the filmmaking industry.
Belt Line Residency (in partnership with Atlanta Belt Line): Within our Belt Line Residency, muralists associated with the Belt Line collaborate with students from schools situated along the Belt Line to create vibrant murals within their educational institutions. This unique opportunity not only introduces students to professional artists but also provides them with the exciting chance to transform their school. To enrich this experience, our HBCU TA program brings in Art majors from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to support and assist the mural instructors, fostering a dynamic and collaborative creative environment.

NextGen Artist Student Exhibition: Timeless Echoes

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