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The Move/Dance! Program was established by NBAF as part of its Adopt-A-School arts education initiative. It brings much needed dance based arts education back into local Atlanta middle schools. Move/Dance! is an interventionist project because of the focus on improving the health and wellness of the students, and by extension their families, through fun dance lessons that support movement and exercise.

The Move/Dance! Program, created in 2016, encourages and nurtures the talent and aspirations of middle school students, while supporting the school, parents and guardians with their academic, as well as their health and wellness goals. Through the Move/Dance! Program, NBAF marries the creative arts with the goal of addressing prevalent health issues such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity and other conditions that plague our communities.

The Move/Dance! Program utilizes teaching artists who teach various dance forms from the 18th to the 21st centuries. They also teach classroom etiquette and act as mentors and role models. Their lessons are based on a new curriculum on Black dance developed by NBAF to match the Atlanta School system’s curriculum standards and goals. The project also includes a "Create a New Dance" competition that provides scholarships opportunities for students to choreograph their own dance and present it at the final dance performance.

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Video projections of Black Theater icons in conversation


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