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National Black Arts Festival Celebrates 30 Years

ATLANTA, GA, Sep. 14, 2018
The Atlanta-based nonprofit is renowned for being the oldest multidisciplinary arts organization that focuses mainly on art and artists of African heritage, according to NBAF’s CEO Vikki Morrow.

“It’s not often that an arts organization or even an arts organization largely representing artists of African descent could last for 30 years. So we feel very blessed and fortunate to have this distinction,” Morrow said.

In 1988, NBAF began as a one-week outdoor festival. The non-profit has since evolved into a celebration of all arts, from theatre to dance, around the city, according to Morrow.

“People always think about the people on the stage or in front of the camera or the artist that had a paintbrush. And we want to expose young people to the full breadth of the creative arts industries,” she said.

The organization has success stories that show the impact of their programs on young people.
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