2021 Programming


“Artique” was an amazing and brilliant experience!

Event participants enjoyed food and spirits from black owned vendors, while listening to the melodic tunes from our participating artists including NBAF 2020 Horizon Awards Winner Troop Brand.

Thank you to the artists, vendors and attendees for making “Artique” such a success!


Sabbath Afternoon was a beautiful and intimate experience!

Thank you to Gibron Shepperd and our partners The Wrens Nest, SCAD, and Nourish in Black

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NBAF was proud to work with and support Artists of Color ATL (AOC): “Artist Check-In,” an online interview style show, where Darrell Grant of Black Theatre Group, LLC shines a spotlight on the magnificent work of Artists of Color in Atlanta.

AOC regularly broadcasts artist interview segments, new work, upcoming projects and artists can turn to members of the Facebook group for feedback & support.

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In partnership with Freedom Park Conservancy, National Black Arts was joined by over 170 attendees for our virtual experience: Sowing the Imagination to commemorate the public art installation by Masud Olufani. Attendees joined from all over the state to learn the richness of David T. Howards legacy and how the elders have sustained its existence today.

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2020 Programming Recap


October 30th & November 1st 2020

NBAF’s “AMARE’ (to love)” DRIVE IN FILM FESTIVAL – JULY 23 & 24, 2020

A Drive-In Ft. Black Filmmakers in Atlanta Celebrating Love, Joy, Community and Blackness

2020 Virtual Programming Recap

NBAF is now offering weekly programs hosted by talented artists in our community. As part of the NBAForward campaign, these virtual programs highlight our commitment to provide a platform for artists to do what they do best. Featuring virtual classes by art professionals, live entertainment jam sessions, and timely forums dedicated to helping artists save, rethink and innovate, these virtual programs are geared toward black artists and all that they do behind the scenes to bring art to life. See below for the calendar of events.

“Resin Pour with Tracey”

Youtube/FB Video Premiered on June 17th

“Studio Visit Thursday”

Youtube/FB Video Premiered on June 25th

“Our Lives, Your Entertainment: Storytelling in Hip Hop”

Part 1

Part 2

“Mindful Flow with Jessica Bertram”

Youtube/FB Video Premiered on April 15th

“Monetize Your Passion With Ease”

Youtube/FB Video Premiered on April 30th

Artist Project Fund

Website: www.RileySWilson.com

Instagram: @RileySWilson

Website: www.Gibron.com

Instagram: @gibrondotcom

Website: www.ayanaross.com

Instagram: @ayanarossart

Website: www.dmtriburke.com

Instagram: @demetri.stefan

With the uneasiness we all feel surrounding COVID19, it is NBAF’s priority to ensure that our community doesn’t go without resources during times of a national crisis. As a result, NBAF (National Black Arts) launched an Artist Project Fund starting at $5,000 to support Black Artists in getting back to work and thus provide for their households. It is our hope to sustain this fund month over month through your support by adding new donors, corporate sponsors and community partners so that we can support black artists in Atlanta and eventually nationwide. We will award small stipends to artists to navigate through these difficult times and continue to support our artist community in creating the work that makes our world so vibrant! 

Click the button below to learn more about recent recipients of the Artist Project Fund.

With the support of this community, NBAF was able to provide 15 artists, like Jessica Udeh (featured above), with small stipends in April to help them continue their work.

Jessica Udeh is an Igbo-American self-taught visual + sound artist and creative director. She is also the founder of CHIAMAKA.STUDIO, a virtual art archive and conceptual design studio. Jessica’s practice is mixed/multimedia with a focus on collaging and soundscaping. 

Click here to see more of Jessica’s artwork

Please consider supporting us in this effort at the link below.

We are especially grateful to our premiere sponsor, Warner Media & AT&T for their generous $25,000 donation to The Artist Project Fund.  

Additional corporate donors that have helped us in this effort are: Annie E. Casey Foundation, Community Foundation and JP Morgan Private Bank.

If you are an artist who needs assistance on a project that’s been impacted by COVID-19, please apply below: