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Gallery Hops
Dates: TBA

The second year of NBAF’s Gallery Hop series, which offered a chartered bus excursion, continues and is expanded in 2016. Through the series, NBAF transports art enthusiasts to galleries throughout the city where they are hosted and welcomed by the gallery, offered light refreshments, gallery tours and artist’s talks.  Our goal of providing unique educational, enriching and entertaining experiences for our audiences is realized with the presentation at each venue of small scale “pop up” performances by local dancers, actors, musicians, singers, etc. As a cross-disciplinary and multidisciplinary program, the gallery hops offer participants unique experiences that this year intersects the visual arts with theater and dance. Performers will present theatrical dance numbers from popular plays like Shuffle Along!

The program expands beyond the walls of the galleries this year to include artist’s studio visits that provide participants an inside view into the creative process.