Sheila Pree Bright Exhibit Photo Credit - Gudrun Stone 500x
The Fine Art of Collecting

The Fine Art of Collecting Series is a year-round program currently in development that focuses on education, exposure and access to visual art and artists whether in the artist’s studio or in local collections, museums and galleries. The series offers opportunities to spotlight collectors and special public and private collections through behind the scenes tours and opportunities to educate and nurture new collectors via gallery talks, lectures, panel presentations and to engage artists and their work through open artist’s studio tours and talks.

Art experts, artists, collectors, curators and wealth managers will be engaged to provide access to knowledge, expertise, and information with the goal of deepening appreciation about the financial and aesthetic value of art and about the creative process, art-making, acquisition and the practical aspects of the care, preservation and maintenance of objects of art.

The broad aim of the Series is to nurture the collector’s impulse while supporting local artists through access and exposure to their work with the goal of cultivating a new generation of collectors who value and appreciate visual art and artists. The effect is that the program supports artists, catalyzes the art scene and, in general, engages the visual arts community in Atlanta.