The National Black Arts Festival is currently seeking an Executive Director.
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Job Title: Executive Director

Job Type: Full-Time

The National Black Arts Festival, based in Atlanta, Georgia seeks an Executive Director.

Job Description:

The Executive Director of the National Black Arts Festival will lead a dedicated team of full-year and seasonal professionals and a high-profile Board of Directors in their effort to produce this esteemed annual festival (July-September).

S/he will function as the chief executive officer, working with guest curators to deliver high-quality programming in five fields: theater, film, dance, music, and visual arts. This position is not that of Artistic Director; the primary curatorial role will be filled by an annual guest curator with whom the Executive Director will work to craft each season. However, the recently-completed five-year strategic plan calls

for a series of domestic and international co-commissioning partnerships to position NBAF as a premier presenter of new work from throughout the diaspora. The Executive Director will be responsible for establishing and managing these relationships and presenting new work in Atlanta.

Additionally s/he will oversee an education department charged with the development and delivery of arts-enriched learning opportunities for Atlanta-based children and their families.

The successful candidate will:

  •  Articulate a vision for the future of NBAF and a sober, strategic approach to achieve it;
    • Interpret and position NBAF in relationship to key trends and issues facing festivals, the arts, and the diaspora today;
    • Have the desire to build an institution as an Executive Director. While s/he will have input in the curatorial process, the Executive Director will not be, foremost, an artist or artistic director.

The successful candidate will have at least 10 years’ work experience at producing or presenting arts organizations in the United States. S/he will have at least 3 years’ executive-level experience in an organization with a budget of at least $750,000 and experience managing a senior team; or 10 years’ experience in upper management with experience in both marketing and fundraising.

Specifically, the successful candidate will have:

  •  Proven Fundraising Ability.

S/he will have a proven track record in working with foundations, corporations, individuals, and government sources, identifying prospects, structuring grant and sponsorship packages, selling packages, and building, managing, and fostering business and philanthropic relationships.

S/he will have experience managing a Board of Directors and be able to articulate strategies to maximize each board member’s investment.

  •  Proven Ability to Create a Performing Team.

S/he will have a proven track record in acquiring, developing and training a team to effectively run an organization in a fiscally sound manner.  S/he will be able to establish strategy, goals and objectives that stretch a team while fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

  •  Proven Marketing Ability.

S/he will have a proven track record in managing and analyzing advertising and marketing campaigns; identifying and structuring affinity partnerships; and developing trust and support within the greater community.

  •  Proven Financial Acumen and Budgeting Experience.

S/he will have a proven track record in managing a budget of at least $750,000 per year; producing and analyzing basic financial statements; managing the audit process; and managing internal and external financial staff.

  •  Proven Production and Artist Management Experience.

S/he will have proven ability in managing artists and their representatives; negotiating, writing and managing contracts. S/he will be able to develop a new production; manage an incoming attraction; and structure a co-producing partnership.


This is a full-time position with competitive benefits. Salary commensurate with experience.

About the National Black Arts Festival:

NBAF is a cultural leader renowned worldwide for showcasing the very best of Black art and culture over the past 25 years.  Founded in Atlanta in 1987, NBAF is a non-profit organization whose mission is to engage, cultivate and educate diverse audiences about the arts and culture of the African diaspora and provide opportunities for artistic and creative expression. NBAF presents across all disciplines including music, dance, theater, film, literary and visual arts. In 2008, the United States Congress honored NBAF for its importance to the “cultural fabric of greater Atlanta and all of America” and recognized the annual summer festival as “the premier festival of its kind in the United States”. Over the years NBAF has presented thousands of highly acclaimed artists such as Maya Angelou, Pearl Cleage, Faith Ringgold, Tito Puente, Alfre Woodard, Radcliffe Bailey, Alvin Ailey, August Wilson, and Wynton Marsalis among many others.

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