The National Black Arts Festival (NBAF) continues its 27-year tradition of offering stellar artistic and educational programs in music, dance, film, visual arts, theater and literary arts and of attracting audiences and participants from the region and around the world to Atlanta.  The season launches in mid-July with programming through mid-September that spotlights dance and the dancers, choreographers and dance companies that have shaped and defined the discipline.

Featuring performances, workshops and demonstrations, a symposium, a film series and discussions, the 2015 season focuses a historical and critical lens on dance from the 18th to the 21st centuries.  It also highlights the trailblazers and luminaries who have had a powerful impact on traditional, social, modern and contemporary dance forms, styles and genres from African to the juba, the chica, the Ring Shout, the Lindy Hop, the Charleston, hip hop and tap, to modern and competitive street forms.

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